Sunday, June 11, 2017

Heathenry in the archofuturist age.

As the fangs of the serpent of eld bites into the present, with its technological marvels and sophistications, a new cultural sensibility is becoming emergent in this age of rapid change and chaos, something unprecedented in past ages of our historical grasp. A culture which integrates the archaic old with the new. 

The ancestral memories buried in the depths of people's minds is  reemerging in the technological age,  this is gestating a new cultural vision.  Long overlooked philosophies and instruments is burgeoning into the alchemical  design of electrical technics. 

Lawless ones speaking about the runes, magic and rebellion in the age of the empire of nothing through the new electrical technics of humankind is causing a stir in the matrix of conformity. Elder barbarian ways is looking more appealing to folks within the globalist empire.


Bards of the current age speaking of times long unspoken of and forgotten through the screens of new apparatuses to kindle  an archetypal flame in people's minds of what has been obscured deliberately through priest classes of the enemies of the ancient ways and the serpents of heathencraft.

Music craft of heathen tribalism reemerges with the integration of the electrical techics of our current age. A cultural sensibility long forbidden by the priests who banished the serpent's hissing wisdom for sinister gains.

The archaic is becoming integral with the new current technics is creating an alchemical craft of archo - futurism 

The spells of heathen craft have been blown into the stirring winds of chaos and amnesia. We shall see what is upon us as the cycles of time change away....