Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Possible Reality Of Demons Part 1

In the ancient world there was a universal belief system, or I should say "understanding", of demons. In a world dominated by rigid materialist ideologies it has become taboo & superstitious to explore demonology seriously, and to see if there's generally anything overlooked from the ancient wisdom traditions. 

We accept the five sense reality as the definitive reality, even though there's scientific evidence to suggest there's more to reality than what meets the eye. People should start asking themselves if there's pathological forms of consciousnesses other there, that reside beyond our conscious perception, in this reality.

Why? Because it is known in the shamanistic traditions that initiates were trained to go into different realities and battle with these parasitic forces so they don't come into this reality and invade it. 

Impossible? Say if you lived a few centuries ago, and if you were to talk about germs and bacteria before the invention of the microscope, you would have been hanged for your heretical theories since such a phenomenon is not visible to the human eye. Saying that, we can conclude there's parasitic forces out there, in the microscopic level, that can damage our health. And needless to say, such a phenomenon is not visible to the human eye. So is there
 forces, outside our conscious perception, that can contaminate our consciousness? To be continued...

Thursday, January 23, 2014


To make matters perfectly umabiguous, I'm not an authority on this topic, by any stretch of the imagination. As a matter of fact I'm still an unknowledgable novice when comes to the arte Magickal.  This article is simply intended to exchange and provoke notions that would otherwise be left unacknowledged by people.

My personal terminology of Sorcery is a philosophical discipline which you utilize to help you gain mastery of the inner and outer world  And it's crucial elements, of wind, fire, earth, water, and Spirit. It can be comparable to the yogic and martial arts disciplines. The discipline encapsulates all the aspects of the human being - intellect, intuition, body, and Spirit. Our double helix of D.N.A is a strain of ancestral memories and star dust which we originated. from. In less unclear words,  our body is a temple of dormant wisdom that has yet to be penetrated to it's core. Million years of evolution and experiences are left unacknowledged in the deepest reservoirs of the double twain serpent, with it's mystical venom awaiting fecundation for the seeker's consciousness.  

"Yes, but we've localized it. Now I know where the Self is. It's in our own minds. It's a form of human energy. Our atoms are six billion years old. We've got six billion years of memory in our minds." From the Movie "Altered States"

True seekers of the wisdom of the elder craft realize these realities are practical and penetrable through ancient disciplines descended down from cultures of antiquity. This arte of sorcery is a mystery. Once you delve deeper into it the more you realize how little you know about reality, regardless of the accumulation of facts and knowledge you have made through the course of your lifetime. 

The Sorcerer is a caretaker as well as a disturber of the cosmos. His resilience leads to perfections. His like water, flowing in & out of situations and circumstances, and changing them for provocative reasons so reality doesn't stagnant, and instead, fluctuates with dynamism.

His mind is his crucial tool to become receptive to the oceanic flows of consciousness. Through Sex, Entheogenic indulgences, Ecstatic dances, meditation, and others, he can obtain higher states of consciousness and direct apprehension of reality. 

This is why indigenous sorcerers know which plant is poisonous and which one is not. They have direct apprehension of reality, Gnosis. To them it is everyday reality. But to the dogmatic rationalist, it's beyond the ruler-ship of this World. But the indigenous sorcerer has the simple and clear grasp that he has access and ownership of his own consciousness. So he doesn't need to over-psychologize and scientifically analyze his own direct access of his consciousness to the point where his experiences become watered down and dull to find out it's true authenticity of such states. He understands that his ability for intuition is transcendental.    

This occult faculty perhaps can give us further access to the recollections of embedded energies in skeletal remnants and ruins. The ancients claimed we live in a world immersed in spirits. The spirits are a catalyst to spiritual dimensions and we are catalyst for them for the physical dimension since they cannot effect the material domain. Both dimensions are complementary to each other. Neither of which are superior to each other Both are dependent on each other. This is the responsibility of sorcery - accessing these occult dimensions and making a bondage with the spirits so both domains, physical and spiritual, can interact in equilibrium with each other What else is out there? Is my fascination! Our potential faculties are in slumberhood. 

 Since we live in an age of spiritual darkness, the inverted pentagram becomes the most suitable motif, representing the oppressive resistance of the material elements against the Spiritual. All such dimensions lead to unique opportunities to the present state of reality in which we situate in. Nothing evil about it, unless you're a religious fanatic. But the darkness represents the unknown and the as yet unexplored. 

It can even be stated that artistic inspirations are drawn from the Darkness. That the darkness fertilizes the pineal gland with melatonin in darkened rooms and the like. This can heightened it's receptivity and channel potent occult forces through it. This may be why you hear about Mayan Jaguar priests who isolate themselves in years of darkness to obtain such occult faculties. Or how "Pythoness" the greek witch, lived in a darkened cave. But she had gained her dynamic powers through the darkness. 

 It can even be speculated that Art was discovered in darken caverns of caves, where the primordial sorcerer first tested and experimented with his mind and consciousness. This discovery most probably gave magickal enchantment and embedded awe to his tribe, similar to the time when the element of Fire was discovered. This is perhaps when the sorcerer came to the divine realization of it's power and importance to re-configure reality, with his newly understood artistic potentialities. To guide his tribe with visions and dreams taken from the darkness of the Void. 

"In every artistic activity a new world is created, a cosmos, a world enlightened and free" Nikolai berdyaev