Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Possible Reality Of Demons Part 1

In the ancient world there was a universal belief system, or I should say "understanding", of demons. In a world dominated by rigid materialist ideologies it has become taboo & superstitious to explore demonology seriously, and to see if there's generally anything overlooked from the ancient wisdom traditions. 

We accept the five sense reality as the definitive reality, even though there's scientific evidence to suggest there's more to reality than what meets the eye. People should start asking themselves if there's pathological forms of consciousnesses other there, that reside beyond our conscious perception, in this reality.

Why? Because it is known in the shamanistic traditions that initiates were trained to go into different realities and battle with these parasitic forces so they don't come into this reality and invade it. 

Impossible? Say if you lived a few centuries ago, and if you were to talk about germs and bacteria before the invention of the microscope, you would have been hanged for your heretical theories since such a phenomenon is not visible to the human eye. Saying that, we can conclude there's parasitic forces out there, in the microscopic level, that can damage our health. And needless to say, such a phenomenon is not visible to the human eye. So is there
 forces, outside our conscious perception, that can contaminate our consciousness? To be continued...